What our Happy clients have to say!
""We can attest to the high quality of work that Jim and his team do and, even more importantly, to his personal integrity and dedication to getting the job done right. It's a pleasure to do business with someone who is knowledgeable, skillful, and intent on producing good results for his clients.”"
- The Gordon's, Bainbridge Island, WA
"Dreaming something into being... Peoples hopes and dreams made manifest.

In this day and age we tend to forget the magic of taking something from a plan or a blueprint, from one dimension and creating it into being. Bringing it into our world of three dimensions.

We have been fortunate in our remodeling journey to have found Kitsap Kitchen and Bath to remodel our thirty plus year old kitchen and master bathroom as well as refinishing our well worn and tired hardwood floors. We can not say enough good things about KKB. To a one, they have been a real pleasure to work and create with. Their services are comprehensive from design to materials, demo to construction as well as great and responsive project management. All of their subs were top notch and brought a high quality of experience and expertise to the job. Every step of the way we felt that we were in good hands and our best interests were first and foremost. Both of our projects were handled in a cost effective and timely manner. We are truly grateful to have had so many wonderful skilled craftsmen to hand along with the guidance of KKB to give us their best skills to create a vision far greater than we might have imagined. A remodel is not usually something a person looks forward to ( I know we did not ) it is usually a necessary endeavor that one endures but working with KKB was a very rewarding experience.... We absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both of the projects that KKB designed and worked with us on. Their quality and service are first and foremost but even more importantly they leave a lasting impression of having been well taken care of."
- Rod & Colleen Dyke | Bainbridge Island
"“Your unwavering commitment to quality construction, building know how, project management and customer satisfaction are hard to match in the building business.”"
- The Andreasen’s, Bainbridge Island, WA
"“One thing that we especially want to comment about- you were always on time, on budget, and over-delivering quality and performance, but we most appreciated that your advice and ideas for improving value and getting a return on our remodeling were right on the mark.”"
- The Gidari’s, Bainbridge Island, WA
"“I am writing to express our appreciation to your excellent work on our kitchen remodeling project. The results were beyond our expectation. Project plan, schedule, deliverables, and estimates in detail prior to the contract helped us to envision exactly what would be the outcome of the project. Drawings and documentations provided us comfortable feeling and confidence in our decision to sign the contract with your firm. Dedication, professionalism, and friendliness each of your staffs expressed and demonstrated from beginning through end of the project were exceptionally commendable. Their commitments to staying on our side most times to accomplish the project gave us peaceful mind throughout the project performance period. Project management skills of Mark are highly acknowledged. Not only did his constant attention to our project made us feel comfortable, but all tasks could be accomplished as planned. Lew and his crew's professional skills with craftmanship were highly evident, and all items were installed and fabricated in the kitchen with careful attentions. Heather's immediate response to our request for quotation at time when we were looking for a general contractor was professional which intrigued us to visit your showroom right away. Mark and Natalie gave us a feel of welcome and warm feeling in discussion of the project at our first visit, and serious suggestions and ideas were very helpful. Finally, we thank you for your high quality business practice with honesty which we have never experienced with other contractors in the past.”"
- The Ariga's, Bremerton, WA
"“In short, we would not even consider hiring anyone else to work on our home. Our confidence in Jim and his team is total. Furthermore, we have fun whenever we have a building project underway. We simply know we are in good hands. We know too that we will be treated fairly.”"
- The Crawford’s, Bainbridge Island, WA
""Our project manager, Randy, did an exceptional job in getting our bathroom and kitchen upgrades designed and completed on time and on budget. He recommended Cambria Quartz for our counter tops and we absolutely love the quality and durability of the product. They are beautiful and the fit is perfect! Working with the folks at Kitsap Kitchen & Bath was a pleasure. I would highly recommend their professional approach to anyone contemplating home remodeling projects."
- The Owen's, Bremmerton, WA
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